2019 Meditation & Buddhism Class on Living, Dying and Learning

Please arrive at the temple before 14:00.
14:00 Guided Meditation (2nd fl. of the temple → Main Shrine)
14:50 Break
15:00 Buddhism class (1st fl. of Buddha’s Light Bookstore → Tea Room)
16:00 End of Class


Date (Saturday) Class Remark
5/11 Regular classes: Understanding Life:
How did we get here?
5/18 Regular classes: Coping with the impermanence of Life
5/25 Regular classes: Cycle of birth & death
Facing with Death
Thanks Buddha It’s Friday: No-self Help:
Finding Peace of Mind through ‘Smart Selfing
18:30-20:30 18:30-20:30
Please RSVP before the event.
Click here to register.
6/1 One Day Meditation Retreat
No regular class
Please RSVP before the retreat
6/8 Regular class: Dying with Dignity
6/15 Regular classes:
Learning how to live
6/22 No regular class 2019 Mindful Children Camp
6/28 Thanks Buddha It’s Friday 18:30-20:30
Please RSVP before the event
6/29 Regular Class:
Surviving in today’s world