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Archive News 2018


October 26 TBIF_Prayer Beads and Buddhist Practice

September 23 Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering

September 14th TBIF_Prayer Beads and Buddhist Practice

August 19th Emperor Liang Repentance Service

July 29th Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem

July 23rd Humanistic Buddhism Lecture by Ven. Jue-ji

July 21th Point Loma Outdoor Meditation

July 20th Thanks Buddha It’s Friday – What bind the mind? What free the mind? – Ven. Jue-ji

July 7th One Day Meditation Retreat

June 23rd~24th 3G Mindful Summer Camp

June 17th Buddha’s Light Youth Symphony Orchestra

June 2nd Community Service, Meditation for Mother Earth

MAY 23rd Relationships, Parenting & Marriage Expo_Naval Base Point Loma

MAY 20th Buddha’s Birthday

April 22nd Earth Day at Balboa Park

April 18th Presentation of the World Buddhist Arts to Southwestern College

April 7th One Day Meditation Retreat

Mar. 31th Balboa Park Cleaning

Mar. 23th Thanks Buddha It’s Friday

Mar. 10th Buddha’s Light Baby Blessing ceremony

Mar. 10th Three Acts of Goodness Cultural Day

Mar. 6th USD Students Visit Hsi Fang Temple

Mar. 4th Ven. Chueh Fa’s Dharma lecture

2/23 Visit to Ronald Mc.Donald’s House to celebrate Chinese New Year with the children

2018 Chinese New Year Celebration in Downtown