Buddhism in Every Step

Since 1997, the Buddhism in Every Step series of booklets has sought to teach the Dharma of Humanistic Buddhism: not only by explaining the Buddhist teachings in clear, accessible language, but by showing how Buddhism can be applied to all aspects of life. Supported through the generous donations of readers, Buddhism in Every Step booklets are available at Buddhist temples and meditation centers around the world. And, you can download from here the booklets that you want by clicking the image on your right.

The Life of Master Hsing Yun
* Remembering the Buddha * The path to the Monastery * Entering Monastic Life * Crossing the Sea to Taiwan * Arrival at Leyin Temple * Fo Guan Shan * International Buddhism
Starting a Daily Practice
* What is Buddha Practice? * Chan Practice * Pure Land Practice * Starting a Daily Practice * Participating in Group Practice
The Five Precepts
* Some questions addressed * The Meaning of Undertaking the Five Precepts * Freedom of the Heart
The Triple Gem
* Some Questions Addressed * The Meaning of Taking Refuge * Democracy of the Heart
* The Right Attitude for Meditation * The Benefits of Meditation * The Practice of Meditation * Meditation Programs at the Temple * Dharma Instruments and Signals * Proper Conduct within the Meditation hall * Great Meditation Masters
Seeing Clearly
* To See Space * To Know Time * To Understand Community
Letting Go
* The Material World * Living with Money * Healthy Relationships * Community * Spiritual Needs
Buddhism and Vegetarianism
* Buddhist Vegetarianism * Many Different Vegetarians * The Benefits of Vegetarianism * Some Questions on Vegetarianism * Taking Life * Dietary Misconceptions * How to Cook Vegetarian Food
The Buddhist Perspective on Women's Rights
* Overcoming Discrimination and Discrepancies in Work and Society * Women and Household Life * Women in the Workforce and out in the World * Preventing Abusive Relationships
Worldly Living, Transcendental Practice
* Worldly Living - material, emotional, communal, sensory. * Transcendental Practice - the way - Observe, Awake, Practice, Live.