News – 2013




Linda Vista Multi-Culture Parade April 27, 2013

April 27, Saturday Linda Vista Multi-Culture Parade
Hsi Fang Temple and BLIA participate in the Linda Vista Multi-Culture Parade
Prince Siddhartha framed with lotus flower leads the BLIA
Prince Siddhartha painting framed with lotus flower leads the BLIA team to show the commemoration of the Buddha's Birth is coming in May.
The BLIA youths present the Chinese martial arts and culture dance
The BLIA youths show the traditional Chinese culture in martial arts, Qing dynasty costume, and folk dance.

Balboa Park Earth Day April 21, 2013

April 21, Sunday - BLIA booths in Balboa Park Earth day
BLIA and Hsi Fang Temple participate in Balboa Park Earth Day to promote environmental and spiritual preservation.
Bathing the Buddha
Bathing the Buddha was set up in the BLIA booth to welcome visitors to bathe the Buddha, the symbolization of cleansing our Body, Speech, and Mind.
Visitors bathing the Buddha
A heartfelt wish brings joy, happiness, and equanimity.
Ven. Yi-shan, Hsi Fang Temple Abbess, at the BLIA booth
Ven. Yi-shan, Hsi Fang Temple Abbess, shows the visitors how to bath the Buddha.
Ven. Yi-shan, Frank Lee, BLIA adviser, and BLIA members at the booth
Many BLIA members volunteered to work at the BLIA booth on Earth Day.

Bishop Middle School Visit, April 4, 2013

April 4, Thursday - Bishop Middle School Visits Hsi Fang Temple
Arranged by Pastor Brian Fidler, there were about one hundred grade-8 students with six teachers visited Hsi Fang Temple on April 4, 2013 to learn about Buddhism.
Carl Ewig gives a brief introduction about Hsi Fang Temple
Carl gives a brief introduction about Ven. Master Hsing Yun, the humanistic Buddhism, and Fo Guang Shan.
Students in the dining hall
Students are eating their bagels, milk, and snacks prepared by the temple in the dining hall.

Mission Bay Dragon Boat Eye Dotting Ceremony, May 4, 2013

Dragon Boat Eye Dotting Ceremony
Hsi Fang Temple Abbes Ven. Yishan and BLIA members reciting the Great Compassionate Mantra during the ritual.
Awakening of the Dragon
Ven. Yishan dots the eye of the dragon boat for "awakening the dragon'
Lion Dance at the Eye Dotting Ceremony
Ven. Yishan and the Lion Dance performers group picture
Congressman Scott Peters Dots the Dragon's Eye
Congressman Scott Peters participates the eye dotting ceremony for the dragon boat festival in Mission Bay
San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts
San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts dabs the dragon's eye with red paint.